[7:06:40 PM] JLW Sama: As the ceremony proceed the crowd can be hear whispering... "Where's Fuzzy Snugs?" Where is Fuzzy as the magicial girls chant his name?
[7:07:03 PM] JLW Sama: Already looking to be more cuter. Ceremony means nothing to him. The Moe is all.

I like video games and cute anime girls.

I usually play LoL, various fighting games mostly Vampire Savior and Persona 4 Arena, Quake style FPS games, and I've been learning Osu! as well.

I also like animu with cute animu girls. Or any animu that in my opinion doesn't suck.

The background probably won't be changing any time soon even if it should.
~ Friday, June 15 ~
Tags: pokemon jigglypuff
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